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Tree Pruning Pittsburgh

Beautify your property while keeping you and yours safe by receiving periodic tree trimming from an experienced service. When your yard’s tree growth has gotten out of hand, hiring a tree cutting service is your best bet for regaining control again. Whether your property is a home, business, or municipality, our tree cutting team will have the grounds looking better than ever after we finish providing our high-quality tree trimming service.

Enhancing the look of your property isn’t a challenge once you learn the benefits to tree pruning. This simple and affordable service is capable of improving your yard quickly and effectively. That is why our team is always ready, willing, and able to assist our residential, commercial, and municipal customers located throughout the area.

Trimming Tree - Tree Pruning & Trimming

What exactly is tree trimming and pruning? It is the removal of specific parts of a plant, such as a branch, bud, or root. The goal of pruning and trimming your tree is to help maintain a particular shape and form for the tree. Often, pruning is performed with the goal of enhancing the development of your yard’s horticulture, but there are a number of other benefits that come with our tree trimming service, including:

Improving the Shape | Removing Deadwood from the tree | Controlling or Directing Growth of the tree | Improving or Maintaining Tree Health
Reducing Risk of Falling Branches | Increasing Number or Quality of Flowers & Fruits

Hiring a Tree Cutting Service? Choose Our Team!

When it comes to hiring a tree cutting service for your yard there are a number of different things to consider. The first question you should ask is if the company you are researching is fully insured and certified for your protection. That is because tree trimming is a dangerous task for anyone who does not have the proper training or equipment. Additionally, you could be held liable for any injuries that occur on your property if the individuals you hire are not properly insured.

Our experienced and professional tree trimming service always keeps your best interest in mind. That is why we have made sure that our company is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Furthermore, the teams we send out to our customers always have a certified arborist on staff to guide the work that needs to be performed. This all helps to ensure you receive the outstanding work you expect and the professional treatment we always provide our customers.

The second question to ask is if you are in need of emergency tree trimming services. You never know when a storm or high winds will hit, and it is important to have a trusted tree specialists on your speed dial just in case the unthinkable happens. Our staff is available to assist our customers 24/7 and even offers same-day service for those pertinent emergencies.

Free Estimates for Tree Cutting Services

As a local business, we have worked hard to build a solid reputation throughout our community. For more than 35 years, our team has been providing the finest in tree cutting services to customers living throughout our service area. To show just how thankful we are to our customers, our team offers free estimates for any tree trimming services you might require. Find out for yourself why so many homeowners and commercial property owners choose our company first to receive a superior customer service experience and to save big with our competitive prices and free estimates.

Contact our team to schedule a free estimate for our tree trimming and pruning services. Our specialists provide complete tree cutting services to customers located in Pittsburgh, Gibsonia, Butler, Wexford, and Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding areas.